Monthly Payment

The monthly payment options are a legally binding fixed term contract, where Veeqo will take an agreed monthly payment from your credit card.

This contract is independent of any Veeqo application subscription you have.


If you wish to cancel the monthly payment, then you will have to pay the total amount payable for the period of the contract.

If you cancel your subscription to you Veeqo account, then this agreement stays in place and is not affected.


Once the monthly payments have fully completed, you will be the beneficial owner of the device, until then Veeqo retains the right of the device.


Failure to make 2 monthly payments will mean the total amount payable for the entire contract length will become outstanding.


Payment amounts per term 

Contract Term Monthly Payment (excluding tax)

Total Payable
(excluding tax)

1 year £39 £468
2 year £21 £504
3 year £16 £576